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Employed Worker Training

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Applications can be initiated at any time during the year.

If you are a business in good standing, licensed to do business in Brevard County and your business could be positively impacted by improving the quality of your workforce through skills enhancement for currently employed workers, you may be eligible for training dollars from the Employed Worker Training program.

The criteria for a business to receive Employed Worker Training funds are:

  • Must be in a “Key Business Cluster” – aerospace, healthcare, manufacturing or commercial construction.
  • Must provide a one-on-one match of money or in-kind contributions for each dollar the CareerSource Brevard invests in training.

WHO CAN APPLY? A Brevard employer applicant must be current on all federal, state, and/or local tax obligations. Other qualifying criteria may also apply.  Temporary employment agencies, employment agencies, or employee leasing agencies may not serve as the Employer of record.

The following steps are part of this process:

  • Application/Agreement – This is a straightforward document that describes the type and purpose of the training, who will conduct it, as well as how the training will benefit the business and the employees.  Note – Additional documentation may be required.
  • Trainee Interview –A brief interview lasting about 10 – 15 minutes is needed to assess the appropriate funding per employee to be trained.  Additionally, a copy of each person’s Drivers License and Social Security Card is needed.
  • Approval – Both the agreement and each individual employee need to be approved.
  • Schedule and Start Training – Once approved, the business decides when training starts.
  • Follow-up – CareerSource Brevard is required to periodically follow up with each employee or the business to measure the success of the program.  Follow-up consists of a few basic questions and takes two to five minutes per employee.

If your application is accepted, it could open up thousands of dollars to help train your existing employees and help you retain key talent, improving both your opportunity to excel in the market and your bottom line.  For quick assistance, use the Easy Connect-Business form provided to help businesses get the answers they need to take action on options we offer.

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