Careers in Aerospace & Advanced Manufacturing

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The AERO-FLEX opportunity is an employer-defined program. The employer input ensures what you are learning is exactly what they need:

  • Three learning tracks with flexible scheduling options
  • Credentials earned are industry recognized and stackable for career advancement
  • Provides opportunities to connect with Brevard’s top employers

Options for Hiring:

  • Hired as a Pre-Apprentice
  • Hired as an Apprentice
  • Work-based learning: Full-time Employment
  • Work-based learning: Internship

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Brevard County is one of the nation’s top regions for economic impact of its Aerospace & Advanced Manufacturing sector. Aerospace Industry is growing around the world, and opportunities for career growth will follow wherever you go.

AERO-FLEX is your best opportunity for career advancement in 2020-2021.

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