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Manufacturing as a Career

Here’s the lead-in to an article written for Tech Crunch by Vicki Holt, president and CEO of Proto Labs, a global company and manufacturer of custom prototypes and short-run production parts.

“Thanks to massive advancements in automation technology and analytics software, the American manufacturing industry of today is a far cry from the assembly lines and manual labor of the past. Manufacturing in the 21st century is a high-tech fusion of software and mechanical engineering, automated processes and complex production equipment, 3D CAD models and on-demand parts. The fortunate result of this modern-day industrial revolution is an expanding demand for highly skilled STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)-related positions.” Read the full article here.

It’s Not What You Think

Manufacturing today is very far removed from the old perceptions of low skill, physically demanding, unrewarding work in a unpleasant environment. But myths persist. The bottom line is: there is high demand for 21st century skills in advanced manufacturing, demand which is expected to grow—for interesting work, with good pay.

At CareerSource Brevard, we want to help you assess your options, look at your skills range, and make plans for entry into the workforce, at a place, in a position, and with the opportunities to learn, train, and advance. We want to help you look at manufacturing—as it exists in Brevard and understand that today it’s “not the factory of your grandfather’s day” and a career in manufacturing may not be what you think. SEE THIS VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO.

To get acquainted with Brevard’s Future Today, in Manufacturing, make an appointment at one of CareerSource Brevard’s three career center locations in Titusville, Rockledge and Palm Bay.

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