7 Ways to Get Prepared for Job Fairs in 2023

Planning to attend a job fair soon?

Follow these steps to gain the most from the experience:

1. Prepare and practice your “elevator pitch.”

Update your resume if needed, and write up your “elevator pitch” or professional introduction. Practice it to feel confident in how you describe yourself and what you are looking for.

2. Research participating employers.

Research the participating employers, and explore which are likely to hire people with your skills and background. If you aren’t sure, contact us for assistance.

3. Develop a “plan of attack.”

Develop a “plan of attack” for your time at the virtual job fair; choose your top priority 5-10 employers to meet with, and focus your time on connecting with them.

4. Make a list of questions for employers.

Make a list of questions for employers. Ask about how they recruit and hire people with your skill-set.

5. Dress for success!

Dress professionally down to your shoes. Although you are online, doing a thorough job dressing professionally will affect your mindset and how you present yourself and prevents any unanticipated wardrobe mishaps.

6. Take notes and plan to follow up.

In conversations, be sure to get contact information to follow up. After your conversation, make note of the details discussed and any contacts mentioned.

7. Send a thank you email.

After the job fair, send a thank-you email to contacts you met with. Mention a detail to remind them who you are and any points you discussed. Thank them for their time and ask about next steps.

Reposted from Career One Stop.

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