Career Center Resources

Services and Resources at our Career Centers are many and include those you might expect and more.

  • Job Search Assistance
  • Employment Counseling
  • Resume Development
  • Interview Techniques
  • Labor Market Information
  • Career Planning
  • Skills Assessment
  • Assistance with Training
  • Use of Our Resources in Your Job Search

More about the Resources available for use in developing your career plan:

  • Self-directed computer software applications which allow customers to write resumes, perform word processing, develop life skills and the ability to be employed, conduct career change, and interest testing and evaluations.
  • Access to telephones and fax machines for job search purposes
  • Access to computers, including printing, providing software applications including word processing, resume development, job applications and cover letter preparation
  • Computers available to conduct Internet job searches
  • Labor market information, including growth trends, employment projections and predictions, and average wages available in print and electronic format
  • Books and other printed materials providing information on job search techniques, resume development, business correspondence, career planning and a host of related topics
  • Videos and other materials from employers that act as an orientation to their workplace and their employment opportunities

You can also learn about:

  • Occupations in Demand for Brevard County and the State of Florida
  • Approved training vendors and programs
  • Performance and cost information on training providers
  • Research available services accessible on a regularly scheduled basis, such as special classes and learning events and some classes available on demand through the use of technology