Soft Skills Training

At CareerSource Brevard, we are finding better ways to address soft skills learning. In a recent LinkedIn survey, soft skills topped the list of what employers looked for most often among prospective hires.

We are committed to providing Brevard businesses with employees that are ready for the workplace. And we are helping employers provide new ways for their existing employees to pick up the skills needed to succeed.

SOLUTION: WIN-WIN with Essential Soft Skills—a nationally recognized soft skills training program.

  • Essential Soft Skills is competency-based and credentialed.
  • It is endorsed by both Brevard County Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) chapters—SCHRA and SBSHRM.
  • Essential Soft Skills is an online course or an instructor-facilitated class held at our three career centers.

CareerSource Brevard is collaborating with Brevard County employers to achieve better hiring results and increase retention rates among employees. We want to help create wins for both employers and employees…with Essential Soft Skills.

Get details on WIN Essential Soft Skills and how to deploy its power in your workplace.
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*Based on program criteria and funding availability.