Ensuring that local healthcare industry employers have the skilled talent needed to provide the best possible medical care for our local community is vital to the economy of Brevard County. Working within our community to establish and maintain talent pipelines that train local talent in healthcare-related competencies needed by employers within the healthcare industry provides employment opportunities with sustainable wages or career ladders to self-sustaining wages for local workers and their families.

A robust, quality healthcare system within Brevard County is vital for attracting new businesses to the local area as well as retaining existing local companies as access to quality care is a major factor in business location and relocation. It is in everyone’s best interest who lives and works in Brevard County to ensure that local healthcare industry organizations thrive. With this in mind healthcare industry representatives, educational partners, workforce development entities and other community stakeholders have come together to form the Brevard Healthcare Workforce Consortium to develop a local healthcare sector strategy to identify and implement actionable strategies to strengthen the local healthcare talent pipeline.

To learn more about Healthcare Sector needs or to get connected to workforce development efforts within the Brevard Healthcare Workforce Consortium, contact [email protected].


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