Current Contracts

Current contracts in place with a private entity, municipality, city, town or vendor of services, supplies, or programs, or for the purchase or lease or use of lands, facilities or properties, estimated to exceed $35,000.

Brevard County Board of County Commissioners (Chief Local Elected Official)    Interlocal Agreement

Board and Central Center Lease           295 Barnes Blvd LLC - Board and Central Center Lease

North Center Lease                                  13 Associates LLC - North Center Lease

South Center Lease                                   Country Club Palm Bay LLC - South Center Lease

Janitorial Services                                     Always Fresh LLC - Janitorial Services

Bright House Networks / Spectrum       Spectrum 2018 Agreement

Brevard Nursing Academy                ITA18-519-001_Brevard Nursing Academy

Daytona State College                        ITA18-517-001_Daytona State College

DOXA Academy                                  ITA19-511-001_DOXA Academy

Eastern Florida State College          ITA03-045-001 Brevard Community College d/b/a Eastern Florida State College

EMETSEEI Institute, Inc.                 ITA18-518-001_EMETSEEI

Florida Institute of Technology        ITA03-038-002_Florida Institute of Technology

Keiser University                                  ITA03-039-002_Keiser University

New Horizons Computer Learning Center of Orlando      ITA10-276-001 New Horizons Computer Learning Center of Orlando

ONLC Training Centers                      ITA18-514-001_ONLC Training Centers

Orlando Medical Institute                  ITA19-513-001_Orlando Medical Institute

Truck Driver Institute of Florida      ITA 19-512-001_Truck Driver Institute

University of Central Florida            ITA10-326-001_University of Central Florida

 Ahern Rentals, Inc.                                                             CSB19-502-002_Ahern Rentals Base Contract

HERC Rentals, Inc.                                                              CSB19-502-003_Herc Rentals Base Contract

                                                                                              CSB19-502-003_Herc Rentals Modification 1

Sunbelt Rentals                                                                   CSB19-502-006_Sunbelt Rentals Base Contract

United Rentals                                                                    CSB19-502-007_United Rentals North America Base Contract

The Cat Rental Store (Ring Power Corporation)              CSB19-502-005_Ring Power Corporation Base Contract

Taylor, Hall, Miller, Parker P.A.      PY20-21 Engagement Letter

Quality Labor Management LLC (7/1/2022 to 6/30/2023)


Valeo Networks Inc./Saalex Corporation (7/1/2022 to 6/30/2023)


Knight's Armament Company (7/1/2022 to 6/30/2023)


Brevard Achievement Center (7/1/2022 to 6/30/2023)


Knight Enterprises (08/19/21 to 06/30/22)


NeighborUp Brevard (08/15/19 - 06/30/22)



KIAC Contract 11-19-20 to 7-9-23

Orion Contract 11-19-20 to 7-9-23

Global Cash Card                                                     Global Cash Card Agreement (Final)

Health First Health Plans, Inc.                                    HF24 Group Contract 2020

                                                                                    VC1 Group Contract 2020