Current Contracts

Current contracts in place with a private entity, municipality, city, town or vendor of services, supplies, or programs, or for the purchase or lease or use of lands, facilities or properties, estimated to exceed $35,000.

Brevard County Board of County Commissioners (Chief Local Elected Official)    Interlocal Agreement

Board and Central Center Lease           295 Barnes Blvd LLC - Board and Central Center Lease

North Center Lease                                 13 Associates LLC - North Center Lease         

South Center Lease                            

Janitorial Services                                    Always Fresh LLC - Janitorial Services

Bright House Networks / Spectrum     Spectrum 2018 Agreement

Brevard Nursing Academy                  ITA 18-519-001 Brevard Nursing Academy

Daytona State College                          ITA 18-517-01 Daytona State College

DOXA Academy                                    ITA 19-511-001 DOXA Academy

Eastern Florida State College          EFSC and Brevard Workforce Development Board dba CareerSource Brevard Training Agent (1)

Educare Envision College of Nursing  Training Agent Agreement Educare Envision college of nursing

EMETSEEI Institute, Inc.                   ITA 18-518-001 EMETSEEI Institute final signed

Florida Institute of Technology         ITA 23-300-000 Florida Institute of Technology

Keiser University                                  ITA 23-700-000 Keiser University

My IT Future                                         ITA 23-800-000 My IT Future Institute 2023

Orlando Medical Institute                  ITA 19-513-001 Orlando Medical Institute

PepUp Tech, Inc. (AARP Skills Accelerator Initiative)  CSB22-300-00_PepUp_Tech_AARP

PepUp Tech, Inc. (Get There Faster Grant Grant Initiative)   CSB22-300-001_PepUp Tech

Roadmaster Drivers School of Orlando, Inc.   ITA23-200-000_Roadmaster Drivers School

Rockledge Institute                              ITA 23-500-000 Rockledge Institute

Truck Driver Institute of Florida      ITA 19-512-001 Truck Driver Institute

University of Central Florida            ITA10-326-001_University of Central Florida

 Ahern Rentals, Inc.                                                             CSB19-502-002_Ahern Rentals Base Contract

HERC Rentals, Inc.                                                              CSB19-502-003_Herc Rentals Base Contract

                                                                                                  CSB19-502-003_Herc Rentals Modification 1

Sunbelt Rentals                                                                     CSB19-502-006_Sunbelt Rentals Base Contract

                                                                                                  CSB19-502-006_Sunbelt Rentals_Modification 3

                                                                                                  Price Sheet Sunbelt Rentals, Inc.

United Rentals                                                                      CSB19_505_007 United Rentals - fully executed

                                                                                                  CSB19-507-007 united rentals mod 4 executed

                                                                                                  Attachment C Sourcewell United

                                                                                                  United Academy . Sourcewell Price List_June 2023

The Cat Rental Store (Ring Power Corporation)            CSB19-502-005_Ring Power Corporation Base Contract

AVIS Rent A Car System, Inc.  (State Contract)        AVIS 2021 Rental Vehicles - State Term Contract - Executed

Codecraft Works VEST                                                   CSB 23-904-000 CodecraftWorks

Global Cash Card                                                             Global Cash Card Agreement (Final)

Health First Health Plans, Inc.                                     HF24 Group Contract 2020

                                                                                             VC1 Group Contract 2020

Lightcast Economic Modeling LLC  (FAWA Initiative)       2022 Lightcast Consulting - CareerSource Brevard Development Board

                                                                                             Addendum to Vendor Agreement Lightcast Consulting

New York Wired for Education, LLC                          Metrix Learning Service Agreement - CareerSource Brevard - 2023