Services for Workers with Disabilities

Ask Me Who I am PSA video LinkAt CareerSource Brevard, we believe every individual should have the opportunity for employment.

CareerSource Brevard will work to match your abilities, interests and employer needs to help bring about successful opportunities.

Returning to work, or going to work for the first time, is possible with the right combination of services and commitment between you and the CareerSource Brevard staff. We know how important it is for you to work to promote financial and emotional well-being. Our experienced staff are skilled in providing the accommodation and resources necessary for the employment of job seekers with special needs.

Because my parents taught me that my blindness is not a barrier...YOUR TICKET TO WORK

The Ticket to Work Program (TTW) is a Social Security Administration program designed to help SSI/SSDI beneficiaries receive employment services and go to work – without affecting their healthcare benefits.  Ticket to Work connects individuals with employment service providers (known as Employment Networks) to achieve individual work goals.  With the help of Employment Networks, disability beneficiaries who receive Social Security or Supplemental Security Income can take the next step toward work while maintaining their benefits. We think you should know as much as you can about what we and other Employment Networks provide so you can make an informed choice. LEARN MORE.