Incumbent Worker Training

Skills Enhancement Training Programs

If you are a business in good standing, licensed to do business in Brevard County and your business could be positively impacted by improving the quality of your workforce through skills enhancement for currently employed workers, you may be eligible for training dollars from the Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) program.

The criteria for a business to receive Incumbent Worker Training funds are:

  • Your company must provide a one-on-one match of money or in-kind contributions for each dollar the CareerSource Brevard invests in training.
  • You must identify a current staff member(s) who is missing a skill or job requirement that you would like to retain or promote
  • You must have an established classroom training plan
  • Your employee(s) must meet WIOA or grant eligibility requirements

WHO CAN APPLY? A Brevard employer applicant must be current on all federal, state, and/or local tax obligations. Other qualifying criteria may also apply. The application approval process takes about two weeks.  Temporary employment agencies, employment agencies, or employee leasing agencies may not serve as the Employer of record.