Avoid Laying Off Employees

Rapid Response Services for Your Business

CareerSource Brevard can work with your company to avoid laying off employees and/or minimize the disruptions associated with job losses on your business, workers, and community. Meet with us to discuss available programs, such as:

Incumbent Worker Training

Incumbent Worker Training Funds are available for Brevard County businesses to provide training for current employees that businesses wish to upskill. Learn more about Incumbent Worker Training Funds.

Short-Time Compensation

Short-Time Compensation is a program provided by the State of Florida that helps employers retain their workforce in times of temporary slowdown by encouraging work sharing as an alternative to layoff. To learn more about eligibility requirements and how to apply, visit Florida DEO’s website.

Temporary Furloughs

Temporary Furloughs are another alternative to layoffs, where business owners allow an employee to work on a regular basis, although at a reduced schedule. If financial challenges are expected to be temporary, furloughs allow businesses to keep valued employees on payroll rather than laying them off and hiring new workers when financial circumstances improve.

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