85 Percent of Jobs that will Exist in 2030 Haven’t been Invented Yet.

Featuring: CareerSource Brevard Board member and campus President of Keiser University, Colleen Browne

Exerpt from Space Coast Business Magazine, May 6, 2019:

This area is poised to grow right along with the rest of Florida, which is seeing an influx of 1,000 new residents a day.

Many of Keiser’s classrooms look more like an ER or a physical therapy center than the typical blackboard environment of most schools. It is all part of the engaging and immersive environment that is part of Keiser’s approach.

Browne explains, “We want students to feel like they are in the workplace, where they are getting a hands-on experience.” Keiser even has a dress code and attendance policies, because employers told them that, after spending most of their lives in archetypal schools, typical college graduates are often ill-prepared for the expectations of the real-world work environment.

Because of the robust technology, aerospace and business environment here, Melbourne was Keiser’s second location. In addition, the Space Coast is home to several nationally recognized healthcare systems, which creates a demand for all types of medical professionals. This adaptation of degree offerings that is based on the needs of the community is seen at every Keiser location.

Originally, the vision for Keiser was for a large single campus, much like an FIT; however, it gradually shifted to bringing educational solutions to where they were needed most. Today, the university offers campus-based degrees, online degrees and, rapidly growing in popularity, a hybrid of the two.

“In Melbourne, about 20 percent of our students are pursuing online degrees and 20 percent are enrolled in a hybrid format,” Browne said. This flexibility may explain why


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