Big things happening at CareerSource Brevard these days

By: Mike Menyhart is president, Migrandy Corp. on Merritt Island and chairman of the board at CareerSource Brevard

At the Florida Economic Development Council annual conference in July, Lisa Rice, president of CareerSource Brevard, was awarded the Toni Jennings Workforce Professional of the Year award.

That’s something Lisa can be proud to have earned, as the award was named after former Lt. Gov. Jennings for her exceptional leadership in revamping Florida’s work force system to respond to critical work force needs and help advance local, regional and state economic development. The board and I recognize the value of Lisa’s innovative leadership for the CareerSource Brevard organization and for Brevard.

As chairman of the CareerSource Brevard board, I see firsthand the impact of her leadership upon the assistance provided to local businesses and job-seekers. The staff of CSB has deep knowledge, critical to the professional system that provides day-to-day counsel, career assessment and classes, from essential workforce skills development for jobseekers to recruitment events for businesses, to mentoring and networking programs for entrepreneurs.

-Federal grant helped area job seekers-

I see the passion in CSB leadership for helping local businesses grow, therefore, I understand these things:

­-A significant amount of data gathering and data mining is required, meaning our CareerSource Brevard team is often the most informed on trends and the true nature of solutions needed to meet the challenges of impending skills and talent gaps.

-In the recently completed program year ending July 1, 2015, CSB provided 85,720 recorded services of varying complexity to more than 4,575 Brevard businesses.

­-Work force availability and development programs influence business decisions to evolve and relocate here, which feeds our regional economy.

­It follows that work force development professionals are on the forefront of change, predicting need and initiating a variety of partnerships and actions to fill work force gaps even before they occur.

In the last year, CSB has been able to match 127 key employees within 57 Brevard businesses through the On-The-Job Training program, which pays up to 50 percent of the employee’s wages covering up to 1,040 hours. The majority of these were with manufacturers.

As businesses in Brevard look ahead and anticipate needs, CSB looks ahead, anticipating the needs of the entire business community, not just a single industry, building programs that develop, nurture and provide qualified employees to many businesses working to stay and grow in Brevard.

As director of operations in a growing manufacturing business in Brevard, I am especially appreciative of the innovative work force solutions CareerSource Brevard, through the board and Lisa Rice’s leadership, provides to Brevard’s employers, and strongly encourage you to take full advantage of them

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