Biz Launch Welcomes Ed Scott

Biz Launch, the entrepreneurs networking group of Brevard Workforce, welcomed entrepreneurial business leader, Ed Scott, to a full house at the Rockledge career center location, on June 13, 2012.

An accomplished entrepreneur at the global level, Scott was a co-founder of BEA Systems, Inc. which was later acquired by Oracle Corp. and he was an early investor in StubHub, Inc. which was acquired by eBay in 2007. Locally, Scott is chairman and majority shareholder of the Florida Beer Company and the founder of the Kiwi Tennis Club and sits on the Board of Trustees at Florida Institute of Technology. Scott also worked for the federal government and in Silicon Valley.

“I’d like to say how impressed I am,” Scott said, “with what Brevard Workforce and Biz Launch initiative are doing to try and encourage small businesses and business creation in Brevard County. I think it’s a terrific thing and very much needed.”

“Celebrity speakers are just one benefit of being involved in the Biz Launch group, and hearing from experienced business men and women who have launched successful businesses is invaluable,” said Jan Conrad, Community Resources Coordinator and Biz Launch Facilitator at Brevard Workforce. “In Scott’s case multiple successful technology launches and businesses in diverse industry niches, is an important aspect; and the advice was seen as valuable as indicated on the program surveys. The lessons provided through his insight had a thread of commonality that we hear from most business leaders.  Sales and proper execution are the heartbeat of a company.”

“Nothing spells success like success,” according to Glenn Andersen, Executive Director of Spacecoast Technical Network. “So that’s what we’re trying to leverage and help people along the way. We think that small business is the key to growing the economy in this area.”

In a pre-presentation reception, Mr. Scott visited with Biz Launch participants about their potential entrepreneurial starts, offering insights on aspects of planning. Mr. Scott is a big proponent of comprehensive business planning. His presentation included many examples of businesses that succeeded and many that failed. While the factors are complex and the market timing can be critical, Mr. Scott pointed to factors that have led to some business successes and cited these factors in the success of one example, Sun Microsystems, who entered the market without offering new technology: they hired pros, there was a culture of success, the “meat-eating” sales force was tenacious in building relationships and sales and entry to market was well timed.

He shared Ed Scott’s Startup Value Hierarchy with attendees:

  1. Market
  2. Team
  3. Capital
  4. Distribution Strategy and Capacity
  5. Product/Idea

“Are there enough people who want what you offer?” Scott asked. “What is the size of that audience and what are the characteristics of that market?  Do you have people who are seen as credible to those to whom they are selling? Do you have a strategy for raising capital? The idea is not always the most important component. Do you have a distribution strategy? The product won’t sell itself.”

To inquire about Biz Launch or other entrepreneurial support and resources at Brevard Workforce, contact Jan Conrad at [email protected]. To register for the program go to and register through the calendar on Wednesdays in Rockledge  or Thursdays in Palm Bay.