From BizLaunch: Mentorship

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Get a mentor, better yet, get two or three. The best way to learn is often times by doing, or at least by learning from someone who has done what you are trying to do. a service that connects entrepreneurs to volunteer mentors surveyed their members and found that 49% of pre-launch businesses that received mentoring actually ended up starting their businesses, and 82% survived for 1-2 years.

Amy Errett, contributor to Wharton Business Magazine reports three main benefits mentors provide to entrepreneurs as they build their high-growth start-ups into successful companies:

1. Mentors open doors. A good mentor will introduce you to the right people to accelerate your business objectives.
2. Mentors are great coaches. Instead of “giving advice,” mentors encourage and coach, giving you an outside perspective and fresh eyes to a problem or challenge.
3. Mentors hold you accountable. Instead of “telling you what to do,” mentors help you set key objectives and then hold you accountable to executing against them.
But why just have a mentor when you can BE a mentor. Being a mentor can be incredibly beneficial as well. Being a mentor can help you redefine your own career path and goals as well as keep on top of new trends, issues and emerging technologies. More than anything though, it is an opportunity to pay it forward and have a great impact on someone’s life and success. The nation needs more successful entrepreneurs and small businesses, and as such it needs more commited and excited mentors ready and willing to guide the way.

Need a mentor? Want to mentor? There are a lot of great opportunities on both sides of the mentorship coin here in Brevard County.

The Startup Quest program offers the opportunity to hone your skills and learn about small business development from incredible mentors. For more information on participating or mentoring in Startup Quest, visit .
The Women’s Business Center at FIT offers the IGNITE 360TM Mentoring Program. The IGNITE 360 Pathways program is for start-ups, IGNITE 360 Advantage for emerging companies, and IGNITE 360 Premier for second-stage companies.

Volunteer Mentors and Business Coaches are needed for the IGNITE 360 program and WBC office. For more information about IGNITE 360, visit