From BizLaunch: SeaWolfe Ventures, LLC

EntrepreneurHighlightBy Cathy Musselman, Entrepreneur Coach

PROFILE:  George Wolfe, President and owner of SeaWolfe Ventures, LLC

Necessity is the mother of all inventions.
That oft repeated phrase proves true for a recent participant of Startup Quest™. George Wolfe, President and owner of SeaWolfe Ventures, LLC experienced a surgical procedure and several weeks of recovery. Out of his own need, George created a rough prototype of a durable medical device that helped him during his recovery period. “I was experiencing difficulties and knew there had to be a better way “said George. “I took my idea and invented a devise that I believe would help others who have had the same type of surgery.”

After receiving an invite to attend the Information Session for Startup Quest™ in April 2013, George Wolfe was intrigued as he was currently exploring an invention of his own. After being accepted into the entrepreneurial training program where participants learn to take a technology business and create a business plan and investor pitch, George diligently worked with his team on their technology class project while simultaneously applying his new found knowledge with his own business idea.
A year later, George has completed his product design and market research. He has engaged a local patent attorney and now has a non-provisional patent on his durable medical device. Wolfe has registered his business as SeaWolfe Ventures, LLC a Florida Limited Liability Company, and has researched various options to commercialize his product. “All I had was an idea, and Startup Quest™ provided me with the knowledge and resources to create my business plan and strategy.”
A Veteran of the US Air Force for 24 years and 10 additional years with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), George has a strong background with operations and financial management. George also attended the Consultant’s Consortium Workshop through CareerSource Brevard where he learned how to take his intellectual expertise and transition into being a consultant. In addition to his invention, George is also providing professional consulting services teaching business continuity after disaster. He recently became certified as a FEMA Level 1 Professional Continuity Practitioner and is working on his Level II Master certification.
George continues to work with his entrepreneur coach and attend BizLaunch. “I learn something new every week and appreciate the guidance and encouragement I receive from the staff.”