From BizLaunch: Soccer Shots

EntrepreneurHighlightby Cathy Musselman, Entrepreneur Coach

PROFILE:  Tom Bartley, Owner/Director, Soccer Shots

BartleyTom Bartley came in to the CareerSource Brevard career center in Palm Bay after losing his government job. He felt distraught, not knowing what he wanted to do, but knew he had to find a way to make a living to support his family.

Tom learned of the BizLaunch program and thought he would attend and see what it was about.  During his first visit, hoping not to be noticed, he sat as far away from the front and against the wall.  But as we do in BizLaunch, Tom was asked to introduce himself and explain what brought him today to the workshop. Tom stated that he was curious about the program and just wanted to check it out. After listening to the guest speaker and receiving a warm welcome by Jan Conrad and all of the BizLaunch participants, Tom decided that he needed to continue coming and learn more about entrepreneurship.

An U.S. Air Force veteran, and former insurance agent in his father’s family business, Tom had always enjoyed sports. After attending BizLaunch for a few months and listening to several guest entrepreneurs and subject matter experts, the one message he kept hearing was to figure out what you are passionate about and how can turn your passion into a business.

Tom took his passion for sports and coaching soccer and decided to research business opportunities in sports. He found a website, and found a franchise called Soccer Shots. After several conversations, meetings and a small investment, a year later Tom is operating his own Soccer Shots franchise business all throughout Brevard County. Tom is now hiring additional staff to help with the business side of the operations so that he can have more time to do what is his passion – Coaching!
Tom recently presented at BizLaunch in Palm Bay and Titusville centers sharing his entrepreneurial story. In closing Tom said, “It’s not all about how much money you make, but how happy you are doing what you do!”