Starting July 1, 2013, Brevard Workforce career centers will initiate new customer hours and intensify access to business services for Brevard employers.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA- Brevard Workforce, the area authority on workforce development, announced new center hours to begin July 1, 2013. The change comes on the heels of the state’s 21% funding cut to the workforce board for the program year 2013-2014. Budget cuts are a reality all the 24 Florida workforce boards are experiencing.

In response to these budget cuts, Brevard Workforce leadership created an innovative solution that will yield cost savings while intensifying critical business and employment services that keep Brevard Workforce effective.

The three career centers and workforce offices, in Titusville, Rockledge and Palm Bay, will be open to the public, Monday through Thursday from 9:00am until 6:30pm and will be closed on Fridays.  This schedule change is a pilot program that Brevard Workforce will implement on July 1, 2013.

“The adjusted hours are expected to result in improved staff work flow. This will allow Brevard Workforce to increase its focus on recruiting qualified talent for businesses,” explained Brevard Workforce president Lisa Rice. “For job seekers, the new evening hours will be a help to those with small children or caregiver responsibilities and to those who can best visit a career center after normal business hours,” Rice added.

The change in schedule will be monitored closely for cost savings and expected improvements including an increase in qualified candidate referrals and job placement rates.