Older Workers Employment Toolkit

Virtual tools to help you hire, develop, and retain older workers.

As the population ages and more people work later in life, Brevard County’s workforce will include more people aged over 50. Older workers make up a significant percentage of the labor force and are the fastest growing demographic group.

This virtual toolkit will help you hire, develop, and retain older workers.

Three reasons to hire older adults

Businesses can benefit from employing older adults because they bring a strong work ethic, positive attitude and boost workplace productivity by passing on important skills and knowledge to the team.

Older workers are loyal, reliable and stay in jobs longer
Older adults are motivated to continue earning as they are more likely to have financial obligations and family responsibilities, which incentivize them to stay in jobs longer.

Older workers bring experience and expertise
Older adults can provide a wealth of knowledge and skills garnered from their extensive work history. They can mentor younger colleagues, helping boost productivity.

Older workers create a diverse workplace
Having employees of different ages contributes to a more balanced workplace, offering a wide spectrum of perspectives, problem-solving skills, attitudes, and innovative ideas.

Share your job openings with older workers

Employ Florida – Silver Edition has been created to address the mutual needs of Florida businesses / organizations and Florida job seekers over 50. Its purpose is to provide useful information to job seekers who wish to remain in or return to the workforce beyond “retirement.”

Register and Create a Job Order on Employ Florida

Training and retaining older workers

You invest significant effort and resources to identify, interview, and hire talented employees for your company. Therefore, it’s essential to make employee retention a high priority. The good news is that many effective retention strategies are inexpensive to implement.

Tips for Employee Retention

Fight age discrimination and commit to an age-inclusive culture

Join the fight to end age discrimination (ageism) in hiring practices and in the workplace.

Ageism Prevention Resources

Discover how hiring an age-diverse workforce can benefit your business’s bottom line and find out how you can take action to be age-inclusive with your teams.

Be Age Inclusive

Demonstrate your commitment to experienced workers

The AARP Employer Pledge Program is a nationwide group of employers that stand with AARP in affirming the value of experienced workers and are committed to developing diverse organizations.

Learn More About the AARP Employer Pledge Program

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