Careers in Information Technology (IT) are more diverse than you know–and very much in demand.  

Not everyone truly understands what careers in IT look like, or what kinds of companies offer jobs in IT, or even what it takes to succeed in the industry. We do, and we’d like to make sure you do too!

You will be amazed by the wide range of opportunities and job types that fit this definition.
There are career options now that just might surprise you.

  • Learn about the variety of skills you can gain, that Brevard’s hiring managers want.
  • Learn about the variety of jobs needing to be filled in a variety of industries.
  • And learn what career exploration services and training you may qualify for right now.

Through our free career and skills assessments, you’ll quickly learn if a career in IT is a good fit for you!

Ready for a better job or even a new career? Keep reading and learn how.

We have no-cost, short-term training programs that give you exactly what you need to grab the attention of Brevard’s hiring managers in the growing field of Information Technology.

A career in IT offers  job satisfaction, stability, and growth. CareerSource Brevard has experts focused on moving people just like you, from a job you’ve outgrown, to a better job in IT.

Take advantage of these services:

  • Skills Assessment and Testing
  • Training Resources Identification
  • Job Trends in the Market


Resource links on this page are here to help you do just that. We also welcome you to visit one of our three career centers or call (321-504-7600) when you’re ready to talk about these important things.

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