CareerSource Brevard Has Funding Available to Help Long-Term Unemployed Return to Work

Brevard, FL-CareerSource Brevard, the area authority on workforce development, has grant funding available to assist long-term unemployed job seekers in securing the resources they need to return to self-sustaining employment. Eligible participants are unemployed individuals, with priority given to those who have been unemployed more than twenty-six weeks, reemployment assistance claimants who need extra help to get back to work, and veterans who have had difficulty finding employment.

CareerSource Brevard will be able to implement new or expanded programs through work-based training opportunities, and include other services such as coaching, counseling, and direct job placement. Training opportunities will target industries with high job demand, such as manufacturing, health care and avionics.

CSB will work with employers in targeted industries to identify in-demand occupations in Brevard County. This collaboration aims to assist businesses in finding and hiring individuals with the right skills for available jobs. Training is to take place in real work-based settings to give participants the opportunity to acquire the needed skills to fill in-demand jobs. Work-based training is a proven strategy that has shown to be an effective way to help displaced workers quickly gain desired skills to reenter the workforce.

CareerSource Brevard is working with local partners to identify and offer qualified job seekers the opportunity to participate in the program. Interested job seekers and employers should contact [email protected] or [email protected].