CareerSource Brevard President, Marci Murphy featured in Space Coast Business

“We work with almost every community-based organization out there, so I’ve gotten to know them, and that’s been a real pleasure.”

Throughout Marci Murphy’s career, her attention to processes and how they can make a business better is what has allowed her to achieve great success. Such is the case when working with other businesses as well, as she looks to facilitate jobs as president of CareerSource Brevard (CSB). The knowledge and understanding of effectively utilizing procedures stemmed from time in other sectors. Before working at CareerSource, she worked as a contractor at Kennedy Space Center, followed by a computer company as a product manager. The opportunity to enter the non-profit sector presented itself, and in 2002, Murphy joined CSB.

Prior to her current role, Murphy was vice president of operations for the company. She provided technical direction, long-term planning and oversight of the One-Stop Operator contract, as well as leading a business service team with a “Business to Jobs” model that has been recognized nationally. Murphy has utilized her understanding of processes when combating the workforce issues that face the Space Coast. She was able to direct sector strategies in the manufacturing and health care industries. In doing these things, she has been able to bring a business aspect to a non-profit and make it as efficient as possible.

Serving as a Convener

When Murphy became president in August 2016, CSB was entering the final year of a five-year contract for a career center and had to work on creating a new contract immediately. There was also a new, three-year strategic plan that needed to be implemented the following February. Murphy was able to analyze Brevard’s needs and growth opportunities and expanded the career center in Titusville. The expansion of the Titusville facility allowed for CSB to host Lockheed Martin’s job fair, which brought in approximately 200-300 people.

When asked what she likes the most about her job, Murphy noted the ability to address workforce issues in the county and serve as a convener for businesses and those seeking employment. By listening to the businesses’ needs, CSB has been able to address personnel issues for various companies.

Attracting Talent

As CareerSource Brevard works to serve the Space Coast in 2018 and beyond, the organization will continue to look at how it can assist companies get the talent they need. Due to low unemployment rates, CSB’s strategy is to find “hidden talent.” Through reaching out to the community, CSB has looked at ex-offenders, people with disabilities, as well as others who have not been to CareerSource’s centers but are looking for jobs. CSB is also utilizing what Murphy calls a “talent attraction campaign,” a social media campaign that reaches out to people from outside the state and highlights all Brevard has to offer. The campaign also features testimonials from individuals in specific sectors.

During Murphy’s time at CareerSource, she has played a key role in facilitating jobs throughout the county. Through working with businesses and organizations, Murphy has been able to utilize processes learned over her career for successful results.

“I didn’t know a lot about Brevard County until I started working at CSB,” Murphy said. “We work with almost every community-based organization out there, so I’ve gotten to know them, and that’s been a real pleasure.”

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