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Goals for Additive Manufacturing in Space Unite Small Businesses

Craig Technologies Aerospace Solutions (CTAS) is establishing a Space Development Acceleration Capability (SDAC), in partnership with the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) and Space Florida, to provide rapid development and test of space hardware utilizing additive manufacturing technology on board and outside of the International Space Station (ISS). Crew members aboard […]

Boeing’s Space Taxis to Use More Than 600 3D-Printed Parts

Aerospace already accounts for about 17 percent of 3D printing revenue, ranking second after industrial and business machines but ahead of automotive, consumer, electronics and medical products. Aerospace is a “near perfect fit” for 3D printing because it involves complex expensive parts made in relatively low volumes,  Boeing’s Starliner is due to blast off for the […]

Demand Remains Strong for Middle Skills

National Skills Coalition’s newly updated middle-skill facts sheets demonstrate that demand for middle-skill jobs continues to remain strong in the fifty states. Middle-skill jobs, which require education or training beyond high school but not a bachelor’s degree, make up the largest share of the labor market in the United States overall, and in every state. NSC’s […]


Amazon already utilizes tens of thousands of robots to transport cargo throughout its warehouses, and the e-commerce giant apparently believes that robots could one day help pack that cargo for shipping as well. The Seattle e-retailer was recently awarded a patent for a robotic packing machine, NBC News reports. This schematic from Amazon’s patent shows […]


FloridaMakes is working with The Florida Sterling Council on the new Florida Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Award. The award – and the process leading to the award – are designed to: recognize high-performing Florida manufacturing companies; offer a framework for sharing manufacturing best practices; and provide participant companies with feedback and opportunities for improvement to […]

4 Best Practices for Beginner Quality Leaders

If you’re new to quality, you may not know where to start. There are a lot of things to know, plan, do and monitor—and many different approaches to take. We’ve put together a few best practice tips for getting started in quality management. No matter what your individual business needs are, you can’t go wrong with […]

EPA Begins Process To Regulate Toxic, Widely Used Chemicals

The Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday released a list of toxic chemicals that will be the first reviewed under a recently enacted law that gives regulators increased authority to ban substances shown to endanger human health. EPA’s move comes after a key revision to the Toxic Substances Control Act that passed Congress earlier this year […]

How Online Safety Training Can Help New Employees Worker Safer, Sooner

Here are a few ideas for you. 1. Adds to the Diversity of Training Experiences We make and provide online safety training courses similar to what you see in the brief highlight video below. But that doesn’t mean we encourage you to deliver all of your training online. Instead, we suggest using online training along […]

Art Hoelke Wins President’s Award from MACF!

Art has over 30 years of experience in armament processes which include many aspects of design, manufacturing, testing and quality control. Joining Knight’s Armament Company in 1991, Art has been with KAC for over 25 years and has accumulated more than 30 years in the management and manufacturing industry. Art’s passion, dedication, collaboration and involvement […]