Consider a job in Nursing.

There are many factors to consider when deciding which career path to take.  One career that bubbles to the top, in both demand and average growth rate by occupation, is…nursing.

In the online article “The demand for nursing isn’t going away. Will more men join their ranks?” published on, the author highlights several key points that are encouraging to students or career changers considering a job in the nursing field.

“I looked online: what’s the starting salary for a nurse? Was there job growth, specifically in Florida? And there was a lot,” Hernandez said. He found that “most students that graduate nursing school go straight into a job.”

“The demand for nursing is high and growing. Ten thousand baby boomers reach retirement age every day — in Florida, nearly one in five residents is over age 65 — and as people get older, their health needs increase. There were more than 9,000 registered nurse vacancies in the Sunshine State in 2015, according to the Florida Center for Nursing. But barely 4,000 people in the state became registered nurses in 2016.”

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