Embraer Hiring!

Who & What?

Embraer is hiring for their production facility!
Immediate Job Openings.
Interviews on site.
Aircraft Painters— #10578556
Assembly Technicians (Avionics, Hydraulic Installers, Structures, Interiors, etc.)— #10578496
A&P Technicians— #10578416
Manufacturing Engineers— #10578465
Quality Inspectors— # 10578533
Quality Engineers—  #10578484

When & Where?

Saturday, November 18th, from 9am to 3pm!
Embraer Production Facility
1205 General Aviation Dr., Melbourne, FL 32935

How do I register?

Visit EmployFlorida.com and search for job order number to learn more.
Must have a complete registration in  EmployFlorida.com to be considered!


Contact: [email protected]