Identifying Segments of Talent and Cultivating Success for Our Community

by: Lisa Rice, President, CareerSource Brevard

Unemployment is low, which is a good thing.

Industry expansions and new business announcements are frequent so that means new jobs are coming. And, with growth, there comes change, but even the welcome changes provide challenges.

Smooth evolution depends in part on helping our businesses successfully maneuver through the talent gaps, ultimately matching the right people to fill new jobs. This allows the business to train existing employees to succeed in new positions, with new equipment and new technologies, while embracing the new norms. This growth is demanding.

But as we work to make smart long-term transitions to the future, what about now? Where do we look to find the hidden talent already in our marketplace? Where are those people who, with a little encouragement and a bit of skills retooling, would return to work, and possibly step up to new work?

  • Women: Experienced business women who interrupted careers for family and other priorities, are returning to the workforce and the timing is right. These women have the opportunity now to sharpen their skills for the in-demand jobs being created. Now is the time to inquire.
  • Military veterans: those who have served us so well and have incredible talents to offer, are a great resource. Veterans perform in situations of high stress and high expectations, understand teamwork, process protocols and are deadline focused.
  • Military families: The spouses and work-age children of active military, are a high-value resource for our companies. Many have moved from place to place and have a diversity of job skills and cultural experiences that help them fit into new roles and within an accelerated learning curve.
  • Disabled: individuals, with proven skills, education or training, can make a positive difference, and are ready to work. Experts can help with accommodations if required, and are ready to assist with transitions.
  • High school grads: Unsure of their next move, might want to hear about the incredible opportunities available in rapidly growing areas such as today’s manufacturing which provides pride of work, good pay and upward mobility. Internships, apprenticeship programs and On-The-Job Training options are often able to support these young adults. In today’s world, there are several smart ways to prepare for a career beyond getting a college degree. They are worthy of exploring.
  • The underemployed: People who may be feeling they have not yet hit their career stride, are looking to evaluate their skills and move on to a job that provides greater satisfaction. Perhaps all it takes is enhanced computer skills or specific training to get them there.

Staying on top of trends, identifying career opportunities and matching talent to those opportunities, starts with the community’s awareness and willingness to share their knowledge of the resources available to Brevard’s talent.

As we work toward long-term solutions that serve businesses’ workforce needs, we continue to support efforts that create meaningful employment. It is our mission, but it takes a community to encourage our businesses to take ownership in developing their workforce from the talent available now and help steer the recruitment strategies for tomorrow’s workforce.

Lisa Rice is a weVENTURE Board Member and the president of CareerSource Brevard, a 501(c)3 organization providing federally mandated workforce programs in Brevard County. If you are an employer and want to learn more about workforce services, contact [email protected] or visit,

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