In celebration of the industry’s accomplishments, the Manufacturers Association of Florida (MAF) announces the recognition of Manufacturing Month for October 2018. Across the state, manufacturing companies are opening their doors to students, parents, teachers, and the community to showcase the industry and the advances made within its vast sectors.

As part of an effort to change people’s perceptions about today’s manufacturing environment and draw attention to the outstanding opportunities that a career in manufacturing can provide, companies are engaging in many different ways to share the good news of manufacturing. Planned activities include open house facility tours, panel discussions with manufacturing leaders, PTO presentations, local proclamations, and more.

“Florida has long recognized the month of October as Manufacturing Month, expanding upon the national Manufacturing Day, as the industry has such a strong foothold in our state,” said Amanda Bowen, Executive Director of MAF. “It’s important that our communities and future workforce understand the role the industry plays in not only our present lives, but our future. Manufacturing has endless career opportunities, utilizing vast skill sets and talents and we love introducing students to enjoyable careers that allow their passions to blossom.”

Manufacturing Day is celebrated across the United States on the first Friday of October.

For more information and a list of Manufacturing Month related events, visit www.MFGDay.com.


About the Manufacturers Association of Florida (MAF)

The MAF was formed in 2006 to improve the business climate for manufacturers in Florida. There are more than 20,000 manufacturers in Florida investing in new technology, employing highly skilled workers and competing globally. For more information about MAF, visit www.MAFMFG.com