Florida Remains First in Manufacturing

We received some very exciting news this week. For the eighth month in a row, Florida is again leading the nation in creating new manufacturing jobs. In the last year, Florida added almost 12,000 new jobs in the manufacturing industry, the most of any state across the country. What an accomplishment for our state!

Florida’s strong, diverse job creation is catapulting our state to the top of the nation for economic growth. Overall, Florida businesses are adding jobs at a faster rate than the 10 largest states in the nation. Our economic development and diversification programs are working.

Diversified job growth across the state is critical for Florida’s continued economic success, and growing our manufacturing industry continues to be a priority. Florida has more than 19,000 manufacturers, employing more than 331,000 individuals, who produce everything from food products to technology to rockets.

As we look toward the future, we must remain focused on increasing high-tech manufacturing jobs and diversifying Florida’s economy. We want Florida to be the number one state in manufacturing for years to come.

– Cissy Proctor, DEO Executive Director