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A woman holding a cell phone and working on a laptop.Businesses have an active culture. It is constantly changing. Whether you are an executive, manager or staff member, you are likely inundated with multiple pieces of information on any given day via meetings, emails, phone calls, etc. It can make it difficult to keep up with current business trends and stay on top of your game when you’re doing your best just to keep up with what you already have going on!

But, keeping up with the current trends in your industry is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage. It’s important to take a little time and be proactive – identify those top 10 or so resources that keep up with current trends in your industry and actively follow those sources. You can subscribe to daily email feeds from those sources, or follow them on social media. Twitter is a great tool to get bite-sized pieces of information to keep you current – and it won’t require you to spend an hour reading an in-depth article! Being in the know about the latest trends in your industry will position you as a company resource and topic authority.

Additional resources can include industry blogs, LinkedIn “Pulse” subscriptions, and more. In particular, LinkedIn has become a trusted business platform for informative and high-level conversation among your peers and global business leaders, so don’t discount it!

So what’s trending in business today? The fact that successful business owners, executives and staff are now engaging across multiple communications platforms, and you must too. Keeping up with additional information sources may make you feel a bit stretched, but it will keep you and your company at the forefront of the important conversations happening in your industry.

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