From BizLaunch: Get Your Blog On

BusinessTrendsSubmitted by Erica Lemp, Editor,eBizToday@BizLaunch

th85DBX034This month we’ve talked a great deal about market research, market concept, and providing excellent customer service – all of which go hand in hand. In July, Entrepreneur contributor, Martin Zwilling wrote in his article 8 Ways that Blogging Will Kickstart your Startup, “In this age of relationships, you, the entrepreneur, are a very important element of your new brand, and it’s never too early to start marketing the value of your expertise, insights and ideas. A great solution is necessary, but not sufficient, to build a great startup.” Essentially what he’s saying is that it’s all well and good to have a brilliant idea but if no one knows we exist, how great is that idea really? People have to know your solution is there, and then you need to deliver on that solution in a professional and customer focused manner in order to be truly effective and to grow.

Zwilling suggests that blogging is a great ancillary tactic for business growth. As his article’s headline suggests, he gives 8 Ways that Blogging will Kickstart your Startup, essentially: customer feedback and market research, improving site search engine ranking, opportunity to practice your writing style, make yourself more visible to potential partners, demonstration of thought leadership, building a customer base, inroad to social media marketing, and establishing visibility. Read his insights in his article here.

Blogging is an often overlooked, but relatively easy and cheap tool for creating greater visibility and brand awareness. It’s a great way to establish yourself as a subject matter expert in whatever field you are trying to break into. The problem is that most of us lack the presumed knowhow or the confidence to get started. The good news is that there are a ton of resources like this one to help you get typing! All that is needed is the desire and time to make it happen.

Happy blogging!