From BizLaunch: B.O.B.S. Buckets of Brevard Service

PROFILE: Robert Pinckley, Entrepreneur 

After having a comfortable and long, 30 year career as a journeyman electrician, Robert (Bob) Pinckley found himself unhappy in his work.  He was working out-of-town in Boynton Beach Monday through Friday, coming home only on the weekends.  This wasn’t how Bob wanted to spend his time; his wife also wasn’t fond of it!

For 10 years Bob had thought about being a small business owner, of being his own boss.  So, in August 2012, Bob did what few of us would ever consider – Bob quit that job!  Now wasn’t the time for Bob to rest on his laurels.  He began to attend BizLaunch at Brevard Workforce learning what he needed to do to be a successful entrepreneur.  In September, he attended “E101-The Entrepreneur’s Workshop” an intensive, day-long workshop designed as an interactive discussion on business brainstorming with a focus to keep you moving toward your business goals.  And he continued doing his market research.

In November 2012, B.O.B.S. Buckets of Brevard Service was officially organized and made its first dollar.  The first couple of months were slow but now his business is beginning to ‘take off’.  Bob had borrowed some start-up money from a 401k and is not yet taking a salary but is paying back that loan.  But he says, “the business is successful.  I’m paying my bills.”  He has had to test the waters with regard to marketing and has already found some things that work and others that do not.  Buckets of Brevard Services has a website and a page on Facebook but Bob admits that “word of mouth has been my best marketing”.

Bob Pinckley credits his early success with knowing his strengths and weaknesses.  “You have to look for your weaknesses.  Your strengths will be apparent but your weaknesses you’ll have to look closely at yourself to discover those.  Don’t be prideful.  Surround yourself with the right people.”  Bob is very happy now and says that he wouldn’t trade this for anything.

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