From BizLaunch: Sales and Marketing Rules to Guide Business Success

BusinessTrendssubmitted by Erica Lemp, Editor, eBizToday@bizLaunch

Do you know what the most important component to any business operation is? Many would argue that it is product, or finance, but I would argue that it is sales and marketing. We can offer the most amazing product or service in the world, but if we cannot effectively market it or sell it – how can our business be successful? In his article, Six core sales and marketing rules to guide business success, from Florida Trend Magazine, Ron Stein discusses how using core marketing principles as a strategic foundation will help your business prosper. Here are Ron’s six rules

  1. Always be guided by the idea that if you focus on your prospects and customers, all else will follow.
  2. An education-based marketing approach opens doors faster and closes more sales.
  3. Stop thinking about sales and marketing as separate functions.
  4. Your marketing message is as important to your business as it is for engaging prospects and customers.
  5. Have fun.
  6. Create a practical plan and system to implement the rules.

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