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jennifer HelinFounded in 1998, Seniors Helping Seniors began with a simple concept that seniors can help each other age better and that those who give and those who receive benefit equally. They make life a little easier by providing services in the home – companionship, light housekeeping, cooking, gardening, transportation and more. Local Seniors Helping Seniors franchisee, Jennifer Helin gave us some insight into what makes the business so successful.
“The spark for our business came from our own family’s need and one very feisty grandma who highlighted the brilliance of having a senior helping another senior. When we stumbled upon the Seniors Helping Seniors concept, we knew right away it was a great idea.
Helping others has always motivated me. When you step outside yourself and listen to others, truly listen so you can meet that person where they are and help in a meaningful way, you cannot help but grow yourself.
My greatest inspiration in business is my Mom, Rosemary. She started her career as the manager of the first branch office of a small insurance agency and retired as the vice president of the company, by then 12 branches with national programs. She was a pioneer as insurance at that time was a male dominated profession. She was one of the first women in the area to earn her CPCU designation and taught me to always work to the very best of my abilities, to let your good work speak for itself, and to take care of others.

There have been many satisfying moments of our business and it would be hard to pick just one. The most meaningful is when we have a family member or senior hug us and let us know what a positive impact Seniors Helping Seniors has made on their lives. This is a very personal business. Knowing we have made a deep connection and are fulfilling a need in such a positive way is what it is all about.

Since our business is personal and works with families, we have a very family centered culture. When Rosemary and I went to the home office in Reading, PA our final meeting was around Karin Yocum’s dining room table. She welcomed us into the Seniors Helping Seniors family. It was important that all of the seniors that work for us also felt a part of that family. Together we are providing a very special service to others in Brevard County.”

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