Healthcare Workers Needed in Florida

From: Call to Action: Addressing Healthcare Workforce Shortages

…Healthcare industry leaders anticipate significant increases in the need for healthcare services due to Florida’s continued population growth, the aging of Florida’s population, and increased access to care. Yet, the supply of healthcare workers is not keeping pace.

It is essential that the state of Florida commits to ensure an adequate, qualified, engaged, and resilient workforce to meet Florida’s healthcare needs today and in the future with the goal for optimal health and wellness. Addressing the four facets of this goal will improve access to quality care, improve optimum care outcomes and reduce the cost of healthcare delivery.

The healthcare workforce must be adequately staffed proportionate to Florida’s population needs. An adequate workforce must meet minimum licensure, certificate, and/or required job qualifications consistent with health industry standards.

Florida must facilitate and retain a qualified workforce with experiential knowledge, academic credentials, and/or required certification beyond minimum requirements.

Healthcare leadership and management must keep workers engaged, by promoting a just culture of shared and balanced accountability for both individuals and the organization to create an atmosphere of trust, encouragement, and reward.

Finally, a resilient healthcare workforce requires resources to avoid illness, maintain productivity and operate with mental toughness to ensure readiness to deliver quality care….

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Mary Lou Brunell, RN, MSN
Executive Director
Healthcare Workforce Research Initiative
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Tony Carvajal
Executive Vice President Florida Chamber Foundati

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