Help the Long-Term Unemployed Get Back to Work

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…Best practices include:

  • Ensuring advertising does not discourage or discriminate against the unemployed
  • Reviewing screening and other recruiting procedures so that they do not intentionally or inadvertently disadvantage individuals based solely on their unemployment status
  • Using recruitment practices that cast a broad net and encourage all qualified candidates to apply
  • Sharing best practices for success in hiring the long-term unemployed within their companies and across their supply chains and the greater business community

More than 300 companies have signed onto these best practices – including 80 of the nation’s largest businesses, 20 of whom are members of the Fortune 50. To ensure that the federal government leads by example, President Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum that will ensure federal hiring does not put the unemployed at a disadvantage in the hiring process. And he announced that the Department of Labor would use $150 million in existing resources to support “Ready to Work” Partnerships between employers, non-profit organizations, and America’s public workforce system that will provide more of the long-term unemployed individuals with services and training that can help connect them to middle and high-skill jobs.

But we’re not done yet. As the President said in his State of the Union, he is asking “every business leader in America to join us and to do the same – because we are stronger when America fields a full team.” So if your business is interested in joining this effort, click on the link below to sign on.

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Learn about best practices for recruiting and hiring the long-term unemployed here.