Satellite maker’s $85M facility goes vertical on Space Coast

By Matthew Richardson, Orlando Business Journal

OneWeb LLC is well on its way to having its satellite manufacturing plant in Exploration Park.

The OneWeb manufacturing plant is a project many parts suppliers in Central Florida and even outside of the state may be keeping an eye on, as it could lead to big business opportunities for them. OneWeb plans to build 900 small satellites about the size of a refrigerator to shoot to space. OneWeb’s goal is to give 4 billion people access to the internet by 2027.

The company is expected create 250 jobs at its local plant, paying an average annual salary of $65,579 by 2025, and more jobs will come via other companies relocating to Florida to becomea suppliers for OneWeb. For example, Ruag Space USA, a supplier of spacecraft structural and thermal equipment, moved to Titusville last year after it became a key supplier for OneWeb. Ruag is expected to create 60 high-wage jobs by 2025.

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