Space Industry Hiring Spree on the Space Coast – from Florida Today

Want to work in the space industry? There is a big hiring spree going on in the Space Coast.

From Florida Today:

Lockheed Martin needed to fill 80 jobs with 100 percent of those positions directly connected to the space industry. Northrop Grumman Corp. wants to hire a couple hundred for its fast-growing Melbourne operations. Boeing advertised 70 open positions on the Space Coast.

“The space industry is hot right now,” said Laura Forczyk, owner and consultant of the space research and consulting firm Astralytical. “There’s been a lot of capital flowing into the industry over the past year or two.”

That combined with the increasing commercialization of space means the space sector is on a large-scale recruiting drive. And Brevard County, home of Kennedy Space Center, finds itself at the hub of activity with many companies hosting multiple hiring events over the last month.

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