Space Perspective Building Headquarters and Manufacturing Complex in Titusville – From Florida Today

Space tourism company Space Perspective to bring 240 jobs, and factory to Titusville

From Florida Today:

Space tourism company Space Perspective will build a headquarters and manufacturing complex at Space Coast Regional Airport in Titusville, creating about 240 jobs by the end of 2026.

The company said the jobs will pay an average of $80,000 a year.

Space Perspective announced Thursday that it plans to build a campus on what it is referring to as the “Space Coast Spaceport” site for its capsule and balloon manufacturing facility, laboratories and operations infrastructure for everything from launch to mission control.

The announcement is the latest news of aerospace business investments in Brevard County that will result in the creation of higher-paying jobs.

On Tuesday, Space Florida, Florida’s aerospace agency, pushed forward with negotiations to bring 2,100 spacecraft manufacturing jobs paying an average of $84,000 a year to Brevard County over the next three years.

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