Getting Veterans Back to Work

How We Work With Veterans

A family of veterans holding their childCareerSource Brevard operates a broad spectrum of state and federally funded employment and training programs to assist Veterans in Brevard County and many local resources.

We provide priority workforce services to eligible Veteran customers after going through the intake process.

We conduct outreach to employers and engage in advocacy efforts with hiring executives and managers to increase employment opportunities for veterans.

We focus on providing intensive case management services to veterans with barriers to employment, disabled veterans, and our veterans with other post-service challenges.

CareerSource Brevard provides veterans with the tools necessary to conduct an effective job search by providing strategic job information, market analysis and skill assessment tools.

There are lots of options and ways to start.

Use this EASY CONNECT FORM as a quick way to get us acquainted with you, but there is nothing better than making an appointment and getting face-to-face with the people at CareerSource Brevard’s Veterans Services Program who can help you.

We’re ready for your email, call or for when you stop by a career center.