Aviation and Aerospace Thrive Here

More than 1/3 of all the aerospace employees in the state of Florida are employed in Brevard County.

The growth of commercial space and the supply chain that supports it is impressive. Giants in the industry are electing to invest here, including Blue Origin, OneWeb Satellites and Beyond Gravity. Others have determined to increase their presence here, such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Embraer and others. Clusters of construction activity at Exploration Park in the North, Melbourne-Orlando International Airport and Port Canaveral attest to the power of aviation and aerospace in Brevard County on Florida’s Space Coast.

For more information on the thriving Aviation/Aerospace industry in our region and to get involved in efforts to bring additional talent to this in-demand sector, contact Stephanie Robinson, Project Coordinator – FAWA at 321-394-0549.

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