Brevard Construction Consortium

Florida is one of the nation’s leading states in terms of growth, increasing the need for new construction projects and trained workers. And Brevard County is home to more than 2,000 construction companies. 


Brevard’s Construction Industry Partners are working together to strategize, fill and sustain the Construction Talent Pipeline in Brevard.

The BREVARD CONSTRUCTION CONSORTIUM joins employers, educators, economic developers and others in active roles to help develop smart, sustainable, and effective efforts and actions to encourage, train, retain and grow crucial construction capabilities and people.



  • Retention and training opportunities for current employees
  • Building critical connections and relationships that support construction workforce development
  • Getting real-time feedback from industry leaders
  • Understanding the timeframes for need and the timeframes needed to address them
  • Utilizing Labor Market Data – Industry Wages, Occupational Analysis for the Construction Industry
  • Enhancing Certification and Apprenticeship opportunities
  • And other recommendations of the Consortium