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Submitted by Pamela Gunthorpe, Entrepreneur Coach

PROFILE:  Robert (Bob) Link, Entrepreneur

BL FL Image   After 27 years of working for a Space Shuttle contractor, Bob was laid off in 2011.  He began his career as a computer operator and, over the years, progressed up the ranks ending and long work history in the Information Technology Security department.  “My main responsibility in I.T. Security was to make sure the computer systems that supported the Solid Rocket Boosters used on the Space Shuttle were adequately protected. The contractor I worked for had an excellent management staff, and a good training budget to enhance my skill sets. I was also allowed to present security overviews to upper level management.”

After his layoff, Bob was called back for a brief stint to help close out computer systems that were no longer needed.  When that contract ended Bob began to seriously think about how he could use all that he had learned in the last 12 years to market his skills and services in the private business sector.

“That was the starting point”, says Bob.  He began attending BizLaunch classes, wrote a business plan, completed the required registrations for his Limited Liability Company, and joined the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce.  He also received funding assistance through the National Emergency Grant with CareerSource Brevard for training and certification.  Additional startup costs including equipment and software Bob paid for himself.

BL FL I.T. Security was started with the vision that large corporations with dedicated I.T. Security staff shouldn’t be the only types of organizations to properly protect and secure their data and network assets.
Recently Bob attended a weeklong I.T. Security conference and obtained an additional I.T. Security Credential.  The conference presented various disciplines that were designed to help clients protect their data against hackers. “The amount of techniques the hackers employ to try and steal your data is mind-boggling, literally thousands of new variants are reported daily”.

Bob shares a few tips for starting out:

•    Always look professional when giving your presentation to a potential client.  As they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

•    Always follow-up after a few days.  “Due to the nature of the services I offer and their costs, they really aren’t scaled for the small business owner that conducts business from a single laptop. I do not ignore them.  Small startups frequently become successful larger organizations and future clients. I keep the smaller business owners on an email list and frequently send out security tips and forward articles related to computer security. These smaller startups have the chance to build computer security into their growing businesses right from the start.”

BL FL I.T. Security Business Services include: System vulnerability scanning, risk assessments, security plans, disaster recovery plans and computer user training. Short or long term service contracts are available.

Bob continues to network and market his services through participation with CareerSource Brevard, the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce, LinkedIn, and through various I.T. Security specific organizations and memberships.
To learn more about Bob Link and BL FL I.T. Security, visit his website at, e-mail to [email protected] or call 321-537-5661.

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