From BizLaunch: Hottest Small Business Trends

BusinessTrendsSubmitted by Cathy Musselman, Entrepreneur Coach

Recently J. Brewer presented a session on network marketing at Biz Launch in Titusville. His presentation included a discussion on population trends and the impact to business. In reviewing the statistics of the “Baby Boomers,” one can see definitive business trends that have followed this population segment since the 1950s.
Manufacturers of baby products reaped huge profits due to high demand as the baby population rapidly expanded. Baby food, furniture and toy producers were the first to take advantage of this growing trend. The automotive industry and schools also felt the economic influence of the baby boomer generation as boomers filled classrooms, went to college and began to drive cars. As this population ages, business opportunities continue to present themselves. Targeted goods and services to this large group of consumers follow them into retirement.
Other generations have also emerged such as Generation X and Y. What are their consumer needs and how can your business profit from these populations? When contemplating what type of business to start, look closely at market trends. What pain or problem can be solved?
Hottest Small Business Trends” by Darrell Zahorsky on provides tips on what is trending now.