BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA- Brevard Workforce, the area authority on workforce development, kicked off its Workforce Champion program with the support of local business leaders.  The program recognizes the inspiring success stories of Brevard Workforce’s star business partners and job seekers and invites them to represent Brevard Workforce within the communities they serve.

“Champions have knowledge of Brevard Workforce and a commitment to the community and because of this, they can provide a powerful voice that will help Brevard Workforce reach others who may not be aware of the services offered,” stated William Chivers, chair of Brevard Workforce Board of Directors.

Since May, more than 19 business workforce champions entered the 12-month program and began sharing their workforce experiences with Brevard’s businesses. The job seeker workforce champion program will begin this fall.

About the Champion program:

A Workforce Champion is a Brevard Workforce business partner or job seeker specially qualified to act as workforce ambassadors within the communities they live and work. These valuable partnerships enable the agency to grow an evergreen pool of referral sources. As job seekers benefit from peers referring them to Brevard Workforce and its services, businesses are perfectly positioned to share key workforce messages to their professional networks.

“Brevard Workforce is excited about the Workforce Champions program and the efforts to share success stories only our champions can tell, about their personal and professional connections with Brevard Workforce,” stated Lisa Rice, president of Brevard Workforce.

2013-2014 Brevard Workforce Champions:

  • Jack Rood — Architects in Association Rood, Zwick and Kerr
  • Travis Proctor — Artemis
  • Daryl Bishop — BankFIRST
  • Cathy Beam — Eastern Florida State College
  • Susie Van Meter — Eastern Florida State College
  • Geo Ropert — Brevard Family Partnership
  • Ellen Onieal Little — EWL Enterprises
  • Dale Coxwell — Coastal Steel
  • Catherine Mallozzi — Everest University
  • Julie Song — Florida MEP
  • George Hauer — L2 Aerospace
  • Margo Witcher — Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company
  • Carolina Riva — Midair USA
  • Julie Tookes — Vance, Lotane & Bookhardt, PA
  • Tom Fulmer — Thomas Fulmer  Company
  • Carol Craig — Craig Technologies
  • Terry Schrumpf — Florida Sports and Spinal Rehab
  • William Chivers — Rush Construction
  • James Roberts — Peak Contracting

For more information about the business services, hiring and training incentives and local workforce information available to you, email [email protected] or call 504-7600.