AERO-FLEX Training Advantage

The AERO-FLEX Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program is an employer-centric, “earn and learn” apprenticeship model that provides participating employers with flexible curriculum options. Take advantage of this talent-building opportunity for Aerospace & Advanced Manufacturing Companies.

• EMPLOYER CENTRIC Technical Workforce Tooling
• FLEXIBILITY to meet an Employer’s Requirements
• ON-LINE and ON-THE-JOB Training Components

AERO-FLEX Pre-Apprenticeship Training provides a platform for existing employees or underemployed candidates to gain traction and discover workplace advancement pathways. Employers benefit when Track II and Track III activities help fast track extraordinary talent.

Job Seeker participants have a more defined opportunity to learn what an Employer needs, and find success in the organization and the industry.

For Aerospace & Advanced Manufacturing Companies in Brevard only.  Gain screened, motivated workers. Grow and retain your technical workforce. Fill your pipeline with upcoming engineering talent.  Get started.

Contact Clinton Hatcher at (321) 394-0685 or by email.
Contact Lori Robinson at (321) 394-0532 or by email.

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