Career Help for Graduates

You’re graduating! Now it’s time to get connected to CareerSource Brevard!

Hear from vlogger “A for Erica” and learn about how CareerSource Brevard is able to help!


Watch here by clicking on picture below:

erica in a cap and gown like a graduate


Key points:

Whether you need help polishing your resume to highlight your new degree/certification, need a place to start networking, or have coaching to prepare for your interview, CSB can help!


  • Register in, this is the State’s job site and it is absolutely necessary for you to have a full and complete registration here. A statewide system with over 500 jobs listed daily in Brevard County.

3 main benefits of

1-Career seeker can search for employment

2-Staffing Specialists can connect search openings and connect you with employers

3-Registered employers can find candidates for open jobs/search for your skillsets



  • Visit CareerSource Brevard: 3 convenient locations in Brevard County (Titusville, Rockeledge, Palm Bay)—your local career centers with coaching, assistance and resources available for you FREE of Charge. Child friendly hours. (Don’t forget: Dress code and Express card in Career centers.) Why: certified motivational career coaches, industry specific experts, staffing specialists, Business Liaisons with a direct connect to local businesses)
  • CareerSource Brevard is an invaluable resource for anyone looking for a job, a more satisfying job or career change– Wealth of Tools and Services to Get a Job, Stay Competitive & Advance in Your Career
  • Website has many tools to help you get started like the Optimal Resume tool.
  • HOT JOBS (listing of new jobs posted in area each week)
  • Weekly schedule of services (listed on website)-weekly classes/workshops available ( branding/marketing yourself, setting up your LinkedIn profile, fine-tuning your essential workforce skills, understanding your habits and behaviors, entrepreneurial skill-building and networking (BizLaunch)
  • Brush up on your skillsets (assessment tools, help you prove that you have the knowledge your resume says you do…and if not, helps you learn to close that gap and then prove it) and Skills Tutor
  • Job search assistance and tools like: Labor market information, growing trends, wage predictions, occupations in demand
  • Opportunities you may be eligible for to help you gain hands on experience, Ie: On-the-Job Training
  • Programs funded through grants allow for specific training, etc
  • Networking opportunities
  • Preparing for the interview: workshops, one-on one coaching, mock interview opportunities (panel and one-on-one)
  • Meet employers: job fairs and recruiting events on site



Tell CareerSource Brevard you got the job!

Self-reporting! This is so important because it helps the community. When CareerSource Brevard receives placement credit for helping you at some point in your journey to getting a career, it communicates that the services offered are important and provides CSB with funding to continue to be able to provide free services to Brevard County residents.