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You may be seeking employment for the first time, returning to the workforce after an absence, or seeking to change your direction, your career and your prospects. We can help.

You may be surprised to learn that many employers are concerned about your soft skills.

What are soft skills? Soft skills are essential to success in the workplace, and include such things as conveying professionalism, effective communication, teamwork and critical thinking. Additionally, having soft skills is critical to your success no matter what career path you choose. You may think you already have the soft skills Brevard employers want, but the world is a changing place, competition for jobs is strong, and taking a closer look at your readiness is just smart planning.

At CareerSource Brevard, we have a new program that is nationally recognized and competency based. It’s called WIN Essential Soft Skills. It’s a training program designed to not only improve your soft skills but to help you succeed at your next interview. Read more: Three Big Reasons to Get Essential Soft Skills Training.

At CareerSource Brevard, we are finding new and better ways to help career seekers succeed.

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