Cash isn’t always king for worker retention

By Val Williams

With multiple generations active in the workforce today, many still chose their workplace based on salary. But, what makes an employee stay in that workplace?

Employers have several opportunities to provide tangible and intangible benefits to attract and retain the employees they and their businesses need and want.

Telecommuting has become a very attractive benefit for career seekers. The ability to work outside of the office can actually increase productivity and reduce leave time. Virtual meetings, shared computer access, mobile phone use and other technological advances that support telecommuting, are recognized as one of the most proficient and cost effective ways to do business. And, studies have shown that telecommuting helps relieve the stress of long commute times and gives employees more time to spend with their families which in turn, increases job productivity and loyalty.

Taking the time to address an employees’ physical and mental health is a win-win for both the employer and the employee. Companies who embrace wellness programs report healthier employees and reduced insurance premiums. Wellness programs can start by simply offering healthy snacks in vending machines to on-site fitness rooms offering exercise classes and weekly massage therapy.

And certainly, companies that are able to provide all or some health insurance coverage is also a great benefit to employees – reinforcing their contributions to the company are valuable.

Whether a company is big or small, offering the benefits today’s employees seek, will help attract and retain the kind of workforce companies need to grow.

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Val Williams is a work-based training specialist at CareerSource Brevard, a regional public/private partnership and part of a statewide network of 24 regions, known as CareerSource Florida.

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