For women over 50 looking for a job, your time is now

by: Lisa Rice, President, CareerSource Brevard

Fast Company’s “The New Rules of Work – What Work Will Look Like in 2025 says it all, “Workers will need to engage in lifelong education to remain on top of how job and career trends are shifting to remain viable in an ever-changing workplace.”

I encourage lifelong learning for both men and women of all ages, but especially for women who are 50 years of age or older. In Brevard, statistics show that women ages 50 to 64 face a high rate of long-term unemployment and have difficulty finding the jobs they want to lead financially healthy lives.

If this sounds like you, you need to know you are not alone and today, more and more employers are identifying you as “prime talent.” You work harder, stay on the job longer, and have the soft skills they need. If you are actively looking for full-time work, this is a great time to prepare yourself for the job you want. The key to employability is to embrace the concept of lifelong learning.

In Florida, there are many resources for job seekers. CareerSource Florida, for example, has 24 regional locations across the state. At CareerSource Brevard (CSB), we are prepared to help you and continue to introduce Brevard’s employers to job seekers like yourself. Just recently, CSB began a partnership with Eastern Florida State College to provide our community with a valuable new program: the AARP Foundation BACK TO WORK 50+ Women’s Economic Stability Initiative (WESI).

This new program, made possible by a grant from the AARP Foundation and the Social Innovation Fund (SIF), was designed to help unemployed and underemployed women between the ages of 50 to 64 gain the confidence, skills, training, work experience and opportunities needed to secure full-time employment. Simultaneously, this program will continue to educate Brevard’s employers on the value and worth of this “prime talent”.

One-on-one coaching includes career assessments, financial and computer literacy, resume writing, job search and career planning followed by progress tracking and support. Participants also learn about AARP’s Seven Smart Strategies for 50+ Job seekers, which include:

  • Targeting Local Hot Jobs
  • Creating Your Personal Marketing Tools to Impress Employers
  • Conquering the Job Application Process
  • Getting New Work Experience and Skills
  • Meeting People Who Know People
  • Connecting with Organizations that Find Job Candidates for Employers
  • Taking Time to Focus on Yourself and Stay Strong

Figuring out what steps to take first is not always easy. Organizations like CareerSource Brevard can help you navigate through the information, strategically evaluate your options and develop your job search plan, all while connecting you with other women for support.

To learn more about the BACK TO WORK 50+ program, visit or call 855-850-2525. To learn more about CareerSource Brevard, visit or call 321-504-7600.

Lisa Rice is the President of CareerSource Brevard, a 501(c)3 organization providing federally mandated workforce programs in Brevard County.

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