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CareerSource Brevard is actively monitoring key developments related to COVID-19. The health and well-being of our customers, employees, and community partners are of the utmost importance. We understand the concern and uncertainty surrounding this crisis and are committed to being responsive to your needs as the situation evolves and strive to give you the best level of service possible.


Career Centers are Open By Appointment

We are offering in-person appointments at the career center closest to you!

Staff are available to handle your needs both virtually and in-person depending upon the request.

To schedule a virtual or in-person appointment, please call 321-504-7600, or fill out this form and a team member will connect with you.

For your health and safety, masks or face coverings are required and will be available upon request. 

Office Hours:

  • Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Friday from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

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For assistance:

5 Ways to Get Help Filing Your Reemployment Assistance (RA) Claim:

  1. Go to for the latest information.
  2. Call the Reemployment Assistance Hotline, 1-833-352-7759. Wait times may be long.
  3. Use the Chat feature on
  4. E-mail a reemployment assistance agent.
  5. Still need help? Refer to the DEO’s RA Resource Guide.

If you are experiencing challenges with PIN resets or reemployment assistance applications, call us at 321-504-7600 or fill out this form and a team member will connect with you. If you need help with any questions regarding your Reemployment Assistance claim, please contact DEO’s Reemployment Assistance team using one of the contact methods above, and they will get back to you as soon as possible. 

7/29/20 update:

Newest Reemployment Assistance Claims Filing Updates:

  • Governor DeSantis has directed DEO to continue waiving the work search, work registration requirements, and waiting week requirement for claimants through September 5, 2020.
  • The Department has updated benefit payment statuses to reflect the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) payments in CONNECT. To better understand a claimant’s Reemployment Assistance weekly benefit payment status, view the step by step guide here.

7/20/20 update:

Newest Reemployment Assistance Claims Filing Updates:

When the work search waiver is lifted, you will be required to report your work search activities. What to do:

  • Get fully registered now in Employ Florida! Employ Florida is a FREE online job seeker and employer resource dedicated to matching talent and opportunity in Florida. By being fully registered in Employ Florida, you’re increasing the odds of being contacted by an employer and the staff at CareerSource Brevard for potential job opportunities. Additionally, if you are receiving reemployment assistance benefits, you may soon be required to complete a full registration in Employ Florida to continue receiving benefits.
  • How do I get “fully registered?” Visit and create your account if you don’t already have one. Make sure you have your background information complete and have an active online resume within your account. This will allow you to access a wide range of CareerSource Brevard services and Employ Florida features. Employers and CareerSource Brevard staff also use this information to find potential candidates for job openings.
  • Receiving unemployment? If you are receiving reemployment assistance benefits, you may already be registered in Employ Florida. If you do not remember your username and password, contact our staff who can help you log in to your account. Once there, please review your account to be sure you are fully registered — which includes updated background information and your most current resume.

Follow this step-by-step guide for help.

 Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) Updates from the DEO:

  • Pursuant to the CARES Act, the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) provides an extra $600 weekly payment to all unemployment claimants and is 100% federally funded.
  • States do not have the ability to extend FPUC. The last payment will be on claims for the claim week ending Saturday, July 25, 2020, per federal guidelines.
  • Floridians who have filed claims and requested benefits before the week ending 7/25 will receive all the payments they are eligible for.
  • Claimants currently receiving unemployment benefits will continue to receive their state weekly benefit amount as long as they are eligible.

For more updates on FPUC and other CARES Act programs, visit

7/14/20 update:

Reemployment Assistance Claims Filing Updates:

  • You must continue to “claim your weeks” by returning to the CONNECT system every two weeks to request your benefits, even if your claim is pending for review.
  • According to the DEO, if you are currently receiving RA benefits, but no longer wish to, do not claim your weeks, and payments will stop processing.
  • For more information about Reemployment Assistance, visit or review our COVID-19 updates archive page.

7/6/20 update:

Newest Reemployment Assistance Claims Filing Updates:

  • The Governor has directed the DEO to continue to waive work search requirements through August 1, 2020.  Answers to work search questions are still required to process your claim in the CONNECT system, but will not impact benefit payments. For more information and assistance, review the Reemployment Assistance Resource Guide, page 7.
  • Additionally, the waiting week requirement will continue to be waived through August 1, 2020. The waiting week has been waived so eligible Floridians may receive the support they need to help recover from the current economic impacts of COVID-19. Previously, after your claim was filed and accepted, the state of Florida required a “waiting week” during which no benefits could be paid.

6/24/20 update:

Newest Reemployment Assistance Claims Filing Updates:

  • Beginning Monday, July 6, if you would like to request to modify the date of your claim, you must call the RA Customer Service center at 1-833-352-7759, option 5.
  • You may be eligible to modify the date of your claim to the date you originally attempted to apply for Reemployment Assistance only if you were unable to file a claim between the weeks of March 9, 2020, to April 9, 2020.

6/17/20 update:

Newest Reemployment Assistance Claims Filing Updates:

  • Start here to learn what benefits you may be eligible for.
  • Federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC): This program, offered through the federal CARES Act and administered by DEO, provides up to 13 weeks of benefits if you have exhausted your RA benefits. Per the DEO, you will need to apply for PEUC benefits once the balance of your current claim is exhausted.

If you need help with any questions regarding your Reemployment Assistance claim, please click here to contact DEO’s Reemployment Assistance team who will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also speak with a customer service representative by calling 1-833-FL-APPLY (1-833-352-7759).

Please visit our COVID-19 News Archive for previously published updates.


We want to take this opportunity to underscore the impact the virus is having (and will continue to have) on local businesses. We are working with CareerSource Florida and the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity to provide resources and services to support the community.

For assistance:

Assistance for Businesses:

8/11/20 update:

8/4/20 update:

  • The Brevard Business Community COVID-19 Response Team presents a free business webinar: Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Forgiveness Webinar Tuesday, August 11th, 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm. Presented by Leslie Tibbitts, Community Credit Union. Click here to learn more and register.

7/27/20 update:

Brevard County Small Business Relief Programs:

  • Small Business Economic Recovery Program: This program will provide eligible small businesses and nonprofit organizations with grants of up to $10,000 for recovery and stabilization of business operations.
  • PPE Kits Available for Small Businesses: Small businesses in Brevard County that employ 25 or fewer workers can apply for County-provided Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) kits funded through the federal CARES Act.

7/14/20 update:

  • Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) Program Update: The Small Business Administration (SBA) has stopped processing EIDL Advance requests since program funds have been fully allocated. EIDL loan applications continue to be accepted.

7/6/20 update:

  • The Paycheck Protection Program resumed accepting applications in response to the Paycheck Protection Program Extension Act. The new deadline to apply for a loan is August 8, 2020.

Please visit our COVID-19 News Archive for previously published updates. 

Links and resources on this page are periodically updated as new information becomes available.